Saturday, May 29, 2010

More of notes, rather than blog. But that may change

No one is looking at this blog yet, and it is more of notes to myself, than a traditional blog. But there is something about writing, and committing to paper, submitting to the web that means it is serious.

Blogger gives 10 independent pages, and some of the things I'm posting should go their instead.


High Density Technique.
Airplane mode 951 select
Save it outbox for when signal available
book with paper

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Quick Text Lists - Top 9

  1. graffiti, photo
  2. Mission Dolores Park
  3. Mission Playground Park
  4. Mission St.
  5. Valencia St.
  6. Pole in front of
  7. Signalbox
  8. mailbox at

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Top 10 Public Graffiti locations, (alpha version)

  1. Dolores Park Restrooms/Rec Building / Picnic Tables/Muni bridge / Tool Shed/ Shipping Container/ 19th Street Entrance/ By Children's
  2. Chronicle and other paper Newsrack Boxes
  3. Mission Street from 17th to 19th
  4. Mission Street from 19th to 21st
  5. 18th Street from Dolores to Mission
  6. 19th Street from Dolores to Mission
  7. 16th Street from Folsom to Bryant
  8. Folsom Street from 19th to 16th
  9. Mission Playground Park
  10. ??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Graffiti is .....

the difference between living in one of the best neighborhoods in the most beautiful city in America, and living in a ghetto.

So I am trying to use ease of sending photo messages from a cell phone to make reports of graffiti. I try to concentrate on public grafitti, such as in parks, on mailboxes, public poles etc, because I think it is the City's job to also try to clean up the graffiti on its property, and it is only going to happen when pushed. Second I look at commercial buildings. I have sympathy for those who are trying to run a business in the City and also have to deal with the problem of graffiti. I believe if the graffiti is cleaned, that businesses will improve. Then there are some trouble spots. Many of them are empty buildings, that the owners are holding off the market in hopes for higher rents, and letting them be neglected and staying graffiti for long periods. There are some building that are hit with graffiti for bad luck, wrong place wrong time. I