Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top ten worest gets partly cleaned.

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Always on my top ten worest bbuilding gets partly cleaned. 2205 mission st was partly cleaned. But a lot of graffiti reemained visible. Last friday the bbuilding went to blight hearing. I suspect that the work was done by a contractor the City hired to clean did a partial job . The area behind a locked gate was not cleaned at all as was the part more easily acessible from the roof. Some of the graffiti on the wire mesh protecting the window was not cleaned at all. Picture attached.

Seven month process to get two cleans.

Maybe the reason that others do not graffitweet is that the effort is too great to cause an ambirntal change. Imagine a blighted building, one that polutes its neighbors with its bad graffiti. And is a magnet for vandals to spred their graffiti to nearby buildings. If day 1 a report is made. DPW gets the letter out in a week. A month to fix. Followup that it is not fixed after 10 more day. Shedule a hearing in 20 days. If owner is a no show default paperwork out in a week and contractor hired. Job completed in another week. Total time three months. Grafittied a week later. Report a week after. Three mor months. Another graffiti in one week and another report a week later. Elapsed time 7 months with only two paint outs and graffiti present over 90 percent of time. Ie during the 7 month period there could be incremental but no ambiental change. After 7 months a short response time based on 15 days takes effect.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why does no one but me use SF311 ?

Yeah i am making 95 ppercent of the tweets and 99 of the graffitweets to SF311. And it works great. Is the technology too hard for most people? Lack of awareness. Lack of civic sence? Do people want the graffiti? Is making these reports the same as Vigilantism as first wrote the the headline? Should I question if making graffitweets is something that is viewed as unpopular with the type of people who embrace technology in the Mission? Does the twitter crowd want the graffiti and oppose cleaning it? I dont think so, but the fact is no one but me is making graffitweets in the Mission and everyone has a cell phone.

Monday, June 28, 2010

One of my top ten, clean !

Nice to see things getting cleaned.

For July, I'm going to think of my top ten sites to be cleaned, and hope that I could reach 40 % of them.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I'm personally satisfied with observable proof that rapidly reporting and cleaning graffiti works to prevent new incidents and make the area look better.

Is there a metric or observable / testable / verifiable way to see if the often claimed benefit of reducing the perception of criminality and increased property values, etc follows?

Plan working, I hope to bring other voices

I want to adjust my efforts into getting others to make SF311 graffitweets. I've adjusted my template to include hashtags

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Technical Problem

Something has gone wrong with my photo posts to tumblr. I have a backup plan, but it takes longer to do, I am committed to finding an non-intrusive easy way to make these reports, and then seek "volunteers" or paid people to make graffitweets.

But begin to draft up the how to document

Friday, June 18, 2010

Cleaning graffiti does prevent graffiti

Cleaning graffiti does prevent graffiti. Since DPW has been doing a good job in cleaning the graffiti in the areas that I report, the tagging vandals are doing less graffiti on the same blocks.

Reporting works for two reasons. The graffiti is cleaned. Less new graffiti.

My sense is the second reaction, - less new graffiti, only begins after about the third cleaning something like being cleaned quickly for a month,

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noticing the difference

I am really noticing the difference in the areas that I am reporting, graffiti is being cleaned. DPW and the postal service, respond timely. They may not every time make the 48 hour goal, but they treat it like a real goal, and are making it most of the time. Rec and Park are not taking the 48 period goal seriously, Rec and Park compliance and effort remain a concern.

Articles were posted on missionlocal and picked up by SFgate about my graffitweet process. The SFgate article had about 40 comments, so I think this is a issue that generates passions. I read the comments, and most were positive but I was also called a e-sntich, I disregard that one.

But their were comments that resonated, the point being that property owners are already victims of graffiti, and that the process of a DPW letter and possible fine, are making the victims of crime pay. There is at least some truth to that one. But the alternative can not be to leave graffiti up for months.