Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ambiental change on the streets. - What it would take for it to be persistent.

Yes, I've seen ambiental change on the streets after I began making these graffitweet reports.  It has taken somewhere over 2,000 reports, but those 2,000 report would not have been made without the conveience of cell phone camera reports through twitter and twicpic, or have been as effective without the traceable public record that creates accountability .

So major goal accomplished.   Horray.  It can work!!!  Citizen empowerment through new technology.   Its San Francisco and Egypt.

When I began with that goal, I don't think that I formulated, or articulated, that the change be persistent and sustainable.   I just wanted to see a change, and thought it was possible with the new technology.

I'm thinking about, and will blog later, on how to make the changes sustainable.  I invite a comment, and preview by bring up the need to get more people involved.