Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Many Cities Clean the graffiti on property for free after owner signs a release, SF should too.

I worry that the San Francisco practice of sending letters to the owners of building with graffiti, takes too much time, and has too many employees, is prone to manipulation, creates a level of unneeded governmental jobs, etc.   Other cities have recognized these problems, and also the sense that making the building owner pay, is making the victim of the crime pay,  ((Which seems doubly bad when the City does not keep its own properties clear of graffiti)...   I recommend that SF adopt a law that if the owner gets a graffiti letter, he can sign away an authorization/release of liability for the City to paint over the graffiti.   If the owner does not want to sign the letter, then, he gets some days to clean it before the fines start to kick in.

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