Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm not reporting to SF311 new graffiti for  many reasons, but mostly because the failures to follow on old reports is creating capricious injustices to those who have cleaned the graffiti, and creates too heavy of a blow on the already difficult economics of graffiti reporting.

I've reported commercial graffiti on the same properties, and the response has been total ineffective.   I mean 100's of reports and reply that it will be cleaned in 3 days, that never happen.    So that corporate commercial graffiti a key problem that needs to be resolved before I find it worth spending time on other graffiti.       Otherwise, reporting graffiti is always something like bailing water from a leaking boat, but the gaping hole of commercial graffiti is not addressed,....

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  1. Hi there. What do you mean by "commercial graffiti"?

    Graffiti type ads made on other people's/businesses' property without permission?