Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noticing the difference

I am really noticing the difference in the areas that I am reporting, graffiti is being cleaned. DPW and the postal service, respond timely. They may not every time make the 48 hour goal, but they treat it like a real goal, and are making it most of the time. Rec and Park are not taking the 48 period goal seriously, Rec and Park compliance and effort remain a concern.

Articles were posted on missionlocal and picked up by SFgate about my graffitweet process. The SFgate article had about 40 comments, so I think this is a issue that generates passions. I read the comments, and most were positive but I was also called a e-sntich, I disregard that one.

But their were comments that resonated, the point being that property owners are already victims of graffiti, and that the process of a DPW letter and possible fine, are making the victims of crime pay. There is at least some truth to that one. But the alternative can not be to leave graffiti up for months.

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