Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Seven month process to get two cleans.

Maybe the reason that others do not graffitweet is that the effort is too great to cause an ambirntal change. Imagine a blighted building, one that polutes its neighbors with its bad graffiti. And is a magnet for vandals to spred their graffiti to nearby buildings. If day 1 a report is made. DPW gets the letter out in a week. A month to fix. Followup that it is not fixed after 10 more day. Shedule a hearing in 20 days. If owner is a no show default paperwork out in a week and contractor hired. Job completed in another week. Total time three months. Grafittied a week later. Report a week after. Three mor months. Another graffiti in one week and another report a week later. Elapsed time 7 months with only two paint outs and graffiti present over 90 percent of time. Ie during the 7 month period there could be incremental but no ambiental change. After 7 months a short response time based on 15 days takes effect.

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