Saturday, August 7, 2010

False reports of graffiti being cleaned in DPW notes.

This would be a serious problem, after taking the time to volunteer and report graffiti, someone at DPW turns around and falsely writes notes in reports that the graffiti has been abated.  That is what I found to have happened with conveniently numbered address of 2345 Mission Street.

Here is the May 4, 2010 picture of 2345 Mission Street after it was re-reported because the graffiti had not been cleaned.

Yesterday, I reported 2345 Mission Street again for graffiti blight,

@SF311 Building #graffiti #SF #blight ! 2345 mission St reported May 2010 still

and SF311 responded that

@DPClean several reports have been sent to DPW regarding this building. according to notes graffiti is abated only to be hit again. ^BM

I asked for the DPW supervisor's name and telephone.   Thankfully, SF311 provided it.  Jonathan Vieng at 415-695-2181. 

So, I immediately called Mr. Vieng, but only got a voicemail,  If I get a call back, I will try to update this blog.   

Take a look for yourself and compare the May 4 picture of graffiti on 2345 Mission Street, and three month later August 6th,picture of graffiti. Its the same graffiti. It was not cleaned. On the lefthand side, the vandal added color to his graffiti, but it is the same.

In the three month that this address has been reported, not only is someone at DPW failing to work to remove graffiti, but they are helping to keep the blight in place bu falsely writing in department notes that the graffiti has been abated.

If on the long standing graffiti locations like 2345 Mission Street, the inspectors falsely write in reports that the graffiti has been repeated abated only to be tagged again, than there is a serious problem.

To make matters worse, 2345 Mission St under major renovations with workmen there nearly every day. They've got the ladders and  personnel to easily fix the graffiti, but instead have taken the route of getting DPW reports to falsely state the graffiti has been abated.   Something really stinks here.

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