Friday, October 15, 2010

Hicups along the way

I believing in this cell phone camera technology, link to twitter can change the urban environment.     I say thinking that there are bound to be some hicups.  Me gripping now about a difficulty is just an stumble that has to happen in a new project.

I reported this graffiti over a month ago, and today sent in a 30daytimeis up message.   SF311 replied

It is too hard to provide SF311 with the SR.   Sometimes, I can look them up, it takes time.   And it would seems that the SF311 would have better access to look up the Service Request.    

Alternate idea is when SF311 sends a tweet back about a service request, that it also include the address in the same tweet.   Then a search by either the address or the SR would give one immediate answer.

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