Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some updates, 777 Valencia, 195 Lexington

777 Valencia looks like it is going to be nice.   This was an empty building for at least a year, and of course it got badly covered with graffiti, but they are doing a nice job renovating in, and I hear that it is going to be some type of New Orleans Preservation Hall West site, with a restaurant.    This morning they were painting over the graffiti that has long marred the side of the building.

195 Lexington, still is not very cooperative.   Only after that building had the same graffiti from May to October, and was reported by me  with photographic evidence of having the same graffiti and not being cleaned, did the owners do a part way job of cleaning the graffiti.   They painted the side of the building but left the graffiti on the windows.

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