Tuesday, July 27, 2010

18th and South Van Ness, Beer comerican by Catholic and Korean Churches, + San Carlos school

The Billboard companies, agreed to self regulate themselves, and not put Billboards for items not available to minors, e.g. for 500 ft visibility from places of worship, schools, parks, where children congregate.

But they made a mistake, and have a billboard at 18th and South Van Ness, that is close to the Catholic church, the Korean church and San Carlos elementary school. SF311 had some trouble understanding this request, rather than keep trying, I contacted Clearchannel Billboards, and they said they would pass the request on to people who could do something about it. About 5 days ago, I haven't heard more. Thats good, but if 30 days go by without hearing anything, I should follow up.

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