Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why people don't make graffitweets?

I came across this quote, and am thinking if it is valid

I'm inspired by the idea that nuggets of opened data could seed guerilla public services, plugging gaps left by government, but i don't see any of that in the apps list. The reasons aren't technical but psychosocial - the people and communities who could use this data to help tackle their own disadvantage and marginalisation don't have the self-confident sense of entitlement that makes for successful civic hacktivism.


Or turning this observation into my own question of why am I (almost) the only one who graffitweets in the Mission. The reason people don't graffitweet is psychosocial - everyone has a cell phone, even my MetroPCs phone account works, but the people and communities who live in the graffiti filled environment of the Mission don't have the self confident sense of entitlement to an unvandalized environment that makes for successful use of SF311.

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