Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Illegal Commercial Postings.

I've read comments that if billboards are allowed, than so should graffiti. I don't like billboards either, but as a society we've developed a system of time, place, and manner type restrictions on corporate billboard in the urban space.

But from my experience in making all these graffitweet reports to SF311, the City is only working to prevent the gangster type graffiti, and has given a green light to the commercial illegal postings. Although they are given just three days to remove an illegal corporate posting, none of the corporate posting that I have reported have come down, compared to the 30 day period for tag graffiti, which has had many successes.

If the City is to be content un-neutral, e.g. giving a green light to illegal corporate posting graffiti of skimpy American Apparel models, Sailor Jerry Rum, movies including those looking violent, foreign beers,should I question being an active part of the process that greenlights corporate lawbreaking scofflaws polluting the urban visual environment, and shutting down more native graffiti?

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