Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Followup, Followup, Followup.

I've got some good news, and some bad news.
What do you want first.
The good news.

The good news is:

  • DPW is doing a good job in cleaning the graffiti located on public items.  Real good job.  Thanks DPW.   It makes a difference in how people on the street feel.  Safer, Prouder, 
  • Things have gotten much better at both Rec and Park facilities.  Not only graffiti I report is getting cleaned, but unreported graffiti is getting cleaned.  And most importantly, RPD painters are now buying into the view that if graffiti is timely cleaned, less new graffiti will come up.  (so their work is easier), and before it seemed to be the opposite- he said, since they are just going to re-tag this tomorrow, don't waste time painting it today.
  • SF311 works great.   Thanks SF311.   Thanks twitter.  Thanks technology opportunity,  #opengov #gov20
  • Post Office, response is good too as is other entities like Fire, Street signs, etc. 
The bad news is :
  • Graffiti on private building is still a disaster, and the DPW process is not working..
  • Commercial graffiti, as in llegal sign-age is not only a disaster, but is a disgrace.  Not a single reported building has been cleaned in four months.   

New follow up technique, in that sometime SF311 wants the original SR#.

Add the SR into the comments field of twitpic, it creates a new tweet, and when search will connect the address with the SR#

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