Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Technology issue.

There is lots of graffiti in my neighborhood.   And although I don't report all of it, I have been making lots of reports.   I don't want to overload SF311 with the reports.  Sometimes they tweet back, that I already reported a graffiti.   I might feel bad, but not so much bad because it is hard to keep track of the reports

For reason, there are different time period.   48 hours for the typical street furniture. 3 days for parking meters.  Two days plus ten days for newsracks.   20 business days for signs.  30 days for buildings.  Supposedly 3 days for corporate graffiti, but that has never once happened.

Point is I'm going to sometimes report graffiti a second time before the clock has run.    And also importantly, I am deferring to report graffiti because I don't know if it is already on the clock.

Well my tracking solution is having problems.   My goto tracking solution has been the web site.      But something is going wrong, and searches are not including all the reports.

So, today, there is some bad graffiti on the newsracks at 19th and Mission.   I'm paying close attention to that corner.  18th to 19th on Mission is my adopted space, and first step towards a better six block stretch of Mission.   But the search engine is missing results when I search user, and newsrack.

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