Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What if pointing out that a report is 3 to 4 months overdue does nothing.

Recently, I have been resubmitting with links to the original, service requests for buildings that are four and five months old.    My thinking is an ambiental change won't happen where there are several large three year old tags in the same vista.   I also thought that undeniable photographic links that report is months overdue, would be a cause for something to happen.

I'm starting to increasingly doubt, that even sending to SF311 four and five months old reports on graffiti blighted buildings is going to have any effect.

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  1. When I start to think things are too bad, a success. The graffiti on 2345 Mission Street was cleaned. Too bad that the visual space is still being polluted with illegal sign-age, including some revolting movie stuff.