Thursday, September 30, 2010

Open Government reporting with new technology can change the relationship between citizens and the government.

I'm trying to work off some of the backlog of overdue reports, and flag them to SF311 one, or at most two a day.   Too often, they have provide me with a new service number.   Then I suspect that the original SR was closed.   Do a time consuming search, and find out, that yest the original service request was closed.

I'm believing that this pattern of closing service request without ascertaining if the graffiti has been removed has been happening for years.  (one of my evidence is I made reports before and they were not acted up, but I did not keep the service record, and even less, I did not keep photographs that are undeniable before and after pictures.)  And it keeps happening to me.

I believe the unit of DPW that deals with this private property graffiti is not used to someone having dated photographic proof of the prior condition.   They thought with impunity they could close cases, because it is easier to do that.   And if someone complained, they would be complicity with the taggers, and claim that after it was erased it happened again.

But now the level of dated photographic prove, is 100 times easier, and 20 time less expensive.

The are going to have to get the idea that if they close a case that has been reported photographically, someone, ESPECIALLY if it me, is going to call them on it.   And if this blog and twitter is not a visible enough, there will be an #ogov solution.

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