Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow, getting frustrated, having a voice crack, but at least four buildings painted.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you DPW/

Well, as my posts suggest, I was getting frustrated by the lack of progress on many Mission Street buildings. four to five months.  It  carried over into my twitter reports as well, and I wondered was I losing some cool on this.    My tone sometimes had frustration ..

Whatever, it worked, or there was a coincidental timed reaction. Because at least four buildings were painted over their graffiti this morning.

The big one was 2298 Mission Street.    That building had graffiti that was signed from 2008.   Is in a promient location.  And was real ugly.

Also, nearly on the corner was 2293 Mission Street,

and 2270 /2272 Mission St also got cleaned this morning.  Some but not all of 2225 Mission St., was closed.

And even a building between 19th and 20th was cleaned.  I don't know the exact number.

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