Thursday, September 9, 2010

haha, Strategery

So, you may have noticed, I am trying to rethink my strategery.

I've come to think that my initial graffiti plans, trusted too much that graffitweet to SF311 about building graffiti  would be timely followed up upon, and  in my excitement over this new technology, I made reports that covered more than a single block.  Then I was disappointed when too little happened.    It should have worked, . . .

Maybe, I threw a too wide of a geographical net on my reports, and diluted their impact.  Instead, I am now thinking the strategy of a beach head, toe hold,   (Think the current TV commercial about harlem children's nonprofit where bricks represent each block.)    For September and October, I'm going to concentrate on a single one block area, 18th to 19th, Valencia to Mission, (and yes, Lexington and San Carlos are important, but they are inside of my one adopted block.).

. . . If the beach head is achieved, from there I will "march" to 16th and 24th Street BART stations like Stanford told me would be necessary.

Dolores Park is still very much in my heart for improvement, but I am wary of being a force against graffiti there and being connected with the pro - motocop forces.   So, I'm lowering my attention on Dolores Park.    Sad that the politics is getting in the way....  

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